Looking for new projects!

Hello! My name is Fredrik Sundberg, I'm a full-stack web developer based in Kalmar, Sweden.

I build dynamic web applications using modern web technologies, with more than 10 years of experience around the stack. I have a special love for automation and real-time communication.

I am currently studying web programming at Linneaus University to further develop my skills. I'm looking for new interesting projects - get in touch and let us build new things!


Dynamic tools for calculating swedish tax, combined with useful information for small business owners.



Simple audio manipulation service - manipulate audio files through drag&drop.



Personal webpage for Vivian Silvander. Built using custom-brewed static site generator.


Geographical booking system with SMS integration. Utilizing Google Maps directions API to find the closest users to a defined location.


Personal web desktop

Personal web desktop application. Implemented in vanilla Javascript utilizing web components.


Snippets collection app. Some useful pieces of code here, check it out!


Shotluckan Stammiskortet

Hybrid web-app for bar chain Shotluckan. View, favorite, vote, share, sort & filter shots. Data is administered through a custom wordpress plugin.


Geometric shapes

Calculator for 2D/3D shapes. Built as an xercise in object-oriented C#. Source code available upon request.

This very site

Simple data-driven statically generated site. Light-weight & optimized. Source code available on github.



Real-time github issues notifications dashboard utilizing websockets.


CSS grids

Study in modern CSS layout frameworks, especially grid & flexbox models.


I have expertice in among the following languages, frameworks & technologies:

Programming languages

Javascript frameworks

Back-end frameworks & libraries

  • Express

CSS preprocessors

  • Stylus

Task runners


Templating lanuages

  • Pug
  • Handlebars
  • HAML

Servers & virtualization tools

Weapons of choice

What I do

Some of my skills and experience (among others) include:

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