Hello! I'm Fredrik Sundberg, a full-stack web developer based in Kalmar, Sweden.

I create highlty modern, optimized wehsites. I have >10 years of experience in web development and love to always learn new things.

I am currently studying web programming at Linneaus University to further develop my skills.

...with an extra interest for automation and real-time communication

Looking for new projects!


List of a few recent projects.


Geographical booking system with SMS integration. Utilizing Google Maps directions API to find the closest users to a defined location.


Personal web desktop

Personal web desktop applikation. Implemented in vanilla Javascript using web components.


Snippets collections app. Part of assignment for server-based programming course at Linneaus University.


Shotluckan Stammiskortet

Hybrid web-app for bar chain Shotluckan. Users can mark shots as favorites, vote, share on facebook, sort & filter... Shots data is administered through a custom wordpress plugin.


Geometric shapes

Exercise in object-oriented C#. Source code available upon request.

This very site

Simple data-driven statically generated site. Light-weight & optimized. Source code available on github.


Guitar scales finder

Guitar scale thing



Real-time github issues notifications dashboard utilizing websockets.

Scrape library

Light-weight toolkit for web scraping. Open source & available on github.

CSS grids

Study in modern CSS layout frameworks, especially grid & flexbox models.

Nerja Villas

Booking system for husing agency Nerja villas in Spain - complete with it's own CMS.


I have expertice in among the following languages, frameworks & technologies:

Programming languages

Javascript frameworks

Back-end frameworks & libraries

  • Express

CSS preprocessors

  • Stylus

Task runners


Templating lanuages

  • Pug
  • Handlebars
  • HAML

Servers & virtualization tools

Weapons of choice

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